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Intelligent, Analytical Approach to Investment Research

For over 50 years, we have developed and practiced our proprietary investment research strategy and rewarded our clients with the results. We take an intelligent approach to investing, with every investment decision founded on rigorous research. You have worked hard to build your wealth, and we work equally hard in carefully managing it according to our stringent standards to ensure you meet your goals.

At First State Investment Advisors, all investment research is founded on hard data, built upon fundamental analysis of businesses, industry trends, and economic factors. We start by conducting primary research and analyzing secondary research. We then consider how current and future industry and economic trends will impact a business, and we determine what factors will be primary revenue and earning drivers. This research culminates in the models we build to forecast a company’s future financial picture in various scenarios. Applying our valuation methods to these results allows us to develop high and low price estimates from which we can make informed investment decisions.

Our financial advisors abide by the philosophy that every investment should be made with strong conviction based on thorough investment research and analysis of all relevant facts; investment strategy should never be based on a guess, gamble, or hope. As a client of First State Investment Advisors, you can be confident that every investment decision made on your behalf will benefit from this philosophy and be subject to intense scrutiny and meticulous research. We also apply our expert research to study and deeply understand your financial situation, which allows us to uniquely meet your needs in a way others may not. You never have to wonder who or how investment decisions are being made for you, as you can walk in the door and directly speak with the team working on your behalf. Our research is always custom-tailored to your individual goals and circumstances, and we make ourselves available to you upon request to explain our methodology and decision-making process.

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