A well-diversified portfolio is better protected against adverse changes in the market than one that is not. The financial planners at First State help client portfolios mitigate diversifiable risk and augment returns with a mixture of Treasury securities, Gold Chip stocks, and the best of the SPDR’s 11 sectors.


Treasury securities invest in the activities of the Department of the Treasury and can have maturities ranging from less than a year to 30 years. Highly liquid and backed by the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. Government, they are among the safest investments any investor can make.

The Gold Chip Standard

The financial advisors at First State research large-cap stocks that meet high-standard criteria called the Gold Chip Standard, a 50-year proprietary investment strategy. All Gold Chip stocks pass rigorous standards of dividend yields, financial strength, liquidity, and calculated risk-reward potential. Over many years of practice, the strategy has proven capable of meeting client growth objectives. Click here for a complete list of Gold Chip stocks.

The Best of the SPDR Sectors ETFs

In the stock market, diversification means more than simply buying more stocks. SPDR categorizes all the S&P 500 stocks into 11 sectors, including financials, technology, energy, and industrials. Investing across sector lines combines unrelated stocks in the same portfolio, mitigating the effects of industry-specific risks.

Getting Started

First State’s expert financial advisors in Tulsa customize client portfolios to each individual’s investment interests, risk preferences, and goals. To get started, contact us today at (918) 492-1361.