Financial Advisor Tulsa | Having An Ethical Investment Advisor Is Critical

This content was written for First State Investment Advisors.

Looking for a financial advisor Tulsa that is competent? The one you should seriously consider is First State Investment Advisors. For over 45 years, the Firm has been making decisions in both the stock and bond markets. A comprehensive review of your investment assets can be undertaken by excellent financial experts when you make an appointment with First State by calling (918) 492-1361 or going to its website You can then receive expert advice on how to plan for your long range financial needs. Even if you are just beginning to save for the future, the best place to start is at First State Investment Advisors.

The security research department at First State Investment Advisors has over the years developed proprietary predictable methods to discover stocks tha provide recommendations suitable for investment in client portfolios. Projections for future share prices are done under the supervision of a Chartered Financial Analyst and these form the fondation on which a list of “Gold Chip” stocks are selected for investment. This list covers several industries and the diversification leads to reduced risk while an above average total return is probable. The current information on each selected stock is kept in a comprehensive report that is available to clients if they are interested. A sample can be supplied for those who make a request when scheduling an appointment with First State.

What separates First State Investment Advisors from other financial advisor Tulsa is the extra time spent getting to know clients and their expectations. The staff at First State first priority is to make sure your financial needs are met and to service your account as if it is their own. Any question you may have about your account will be answered courteously and promptly. Schedule a confidential appointment and come see the difference.

The outstanding financial planning advice available at First State Investment Advisors can be a great benefit of business owners. That includes for both operations and employee benefit plans. First State has the capability to assess business operations to improve profitability and positive cash flow. The Firm can also help any size business to set up employee retirement plans such as Pension Plans, 401k Plans, Simplified Employee Pension Plans and SIMPLE IRAs and manage the assets. If a business has an established employee retirement plan, the financial planners at First State Investment Advisors have the skill to analyze and manage those to improve asset growth.

The main objective at First State Investment Advisors as a financial advisor Tulsa is to provide clients with a secure financial future by making investment decisions made in their best interest. For both individual investors and business owners, First State’s aim is for a reasonable total rate of return on assets. By calling a customer service representative at (918) 492-1361 or going to today, an appointment can be scheduled at your convenience.