Financial Advisor Tulsa | Getting Advice That Is Accessible

This content was written for First State Investment Advisors.

You will be contacting an experienced financial advisor Tulsa when calling First State Investment Advisors at (918) 492-1361 or by going to Using their 45 years of investment experience, they will be able to evaluate your current financial assets and suggest a financial plan to reach your future financial goals. Exceptional customer service and getting advice that is accessible is also provided by the Firm. Let a customer service representative schedule a confidential appointment today at First State Investment Advisors.

At First State Investment Advisors, a research department has been developed that is unique to the industry that produces suitable recommendations for client investments. Multiple economic factors are used to forecast future stock prices and deliver a reasonable total rate of return in client portfolios. The department is overseen by a Chartered Financial Advisor who maintains a list of a select group of high quality “Gold Chip” stocks that provides diversification which lowers investment risk. Clients can be made to feel comfortable with their investments though maintaining a comprehensive report on all stocks on this list which are available on request. When scheduling an appointment with First State, a sample report can be sent to you.

The first thing that happens when you walk in the door at First State Investment Advisors is the time this financial advisor Tulsa will take to understand your financial situation. You will become part of their family with the main objectives of taking care of your money and any other way we can. So take a moment right now to contact a customer service representative at First State at or call (918) 492-1361.

The financial advisors at First State Investment Advisors also have the expertise to advise business owners on their business operations as well as their employees’ retirement benefit plans. The money managers have the ability to recommend the appropriate tax exempt employee retirement plan that should be started by a business including Pension Plans, Simplified Employee Pension Plans, SIMPLE IRAs and 401K Plans. They will also be able to review and manage current employee benefit plans that are already in place. These plans can increase morale, loyalty and retention of employees. Suggestions can also be made to an owner in regard to his business model itself to improve profits and positive cash flows.

Have you been searching for a financial advisor Tulsa to evaluate and improve the results of your investments? First State Investment Advisors is the premier place to start the no matter the size of your financial assets. To schedule a confidential appointment at First State, go to the website or call (918) 492-1361. The Firm’s primary goal is to provide great customer care and advice in order to attain financial security.