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This content was written for First State Investment Advisors.

Schedule an appointment with First State Investment Advisors at (918) 492-1361 or at the website to get sound financial advice from a financial advisor Tulsa. You will receive a thorough evaluation of your current financial situation by First State’s investment professionals who have over 45 years of experience. A comprehensive plan can then be proposed using this as a basis to provide you with long term financial security. Excellent customer service is also provided by the Firm. Contact First State Investment Advisors for a review of your financial assets today.

Forming the basis of First State Investment Advisors’ investment decision making is its own research department. Methods have been developed over 45 years to collect data that is used to evaluate stocks and these are overseen by a Chartered Financial Analyst. Through this careful analyst, these methods are used to predict future stock prices and to form a “Gold Chip” list of stocks from a large diversified range of stocks and industries. These are high quality stocks that are suitable for inclusion in a client’s financial plan. The list is well diversified which can lead to lower volatility and above average return on investment. An extensive report is available to clients on each stock on the list and a sample can be sent upon request when you schedule an appointment with First State.

At First State Investment Advisors, its personnel will treat you the way you deserve when scheduling an appointment by calling (918) 492-1361 or by going to the Firm’s website at The well trained customer service staff at this financial advisor Tulsa strives to make you feel right at home at First State and will treat you with dignity. The goal at the Company is to create a custom plan especially for you to meet your financial long term goals.

The personal touch investors receive at First State Investment Advisors is not limited to individuals but can also help business owners. The financial advisors at the Firm can recommend and establish employee retirement benefit plans such as 401k Plans, Pensions Plans, Simplified Employee Pension Plans and SIMPLE IRAs. These improve employee productivity, morale and retention. If a business already has a plan, First State can propose ways to increase the prospects of their long term growth. They can also recommend ways to improve a business’s operations to increase profitability and higher positive cash flow.

So call First State Investment Advisor at (918) 492-1361 or go to its website at to schedule an appointment today if you are looking for financial advisor Tulsa. The care you will receive from the financial advisors at First State and well trained customer service representatives is exceptional and where the primary goal is to attain financial security for their clients.